The Course will provide an overview of the Retail industry including its prospects in India. Students will be introduced to various aspects of retail- including norms in retail, sales need for effective team work. This course is to enable students to gain an insight into the retail industry and its working. It also familiarises the students to types of categories in retail industry.


The course mainly covers topics related to children’s health and well being, factors influencing children’s health, nutritional requirements of children for their growth and development, nutrition during illnesses and deficiency disorders, growth monitoring of children and meal planning for children according to their health in early childhood centres. This course is important for early childhood professionals to gain in depth understanding about children’s health and nutrition.


This interdisciplinary course draws from child development, psychology and nursing. The course focuses on the overall development, care and wellbeing of children from infancy up to middle childhood yearsemphasizing upon the significance of consistent and responsive caregiving during early years. The course begins with the basic concepts of ‘child development’, stages and domains of development, developmental milestones and principles of development. Theoretical perspectives related to the children’s development in the cognitive and socio-emotional domains are also discussed. The development of children in physical, motor, cognitive, language and socio-emotional domains and various methods of studying children’s development are described. The course discusses the concepts and components of ‘care’ and ‘wellbeing’ such as,physical, psychological, and spiritual and the factors influencing the wellbeing of children.  

Service issues and  resolutions for food and beverage

This course is offered at basic level (A1) for the basic users of English for Academic purpose for students enrolled in Vocational courses at AUD

Introduction of the course

Examination starts from 08 Aug 2017


Theory Class – T       Practical Class – P.    Number written alongside each denotes number of hours. Each class to be conducted by one Instructor one Technical Assistant.

  1. Computer Fundamentals Class (T1, P1)    -    17 Aug 15

1.1       Definition

1.2       Block Diagram along with its components, characteristics & classification of computers

1.3       Applications of Computers in various fields

Class (T1, P1)                             -        19 Aug 15

1.4       Storage devices: Sequential & direct access devices viz. magnetic tape, magnetic disk, CD, DVD

1.5       Computer hardware & software: I/O devices, relationship between hardware and software

Class (P2)                                   -        21 Aug 15

1.6       Troubleshooting (Hardware)

Class (P2)                                   -        24 Aug 15

1.7       Concept of Memory

1.8       Securing data: Threat from, sources of and protection from viruses and worms and maintaining backups of data

1.9       Scanning the virus from antivirus in your pc

Tutorial – 1 (P2)                 -        26 Aug 15